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I spoke to O&FB this morning. It's sounding like the job is not going to happen after all. Apparently the HR person is concerned that he's going to get in trouble if he reposts a job that had legitimate candidates, so she has to interview the folks that met the screening, and only if all of them are terrible will she be allowed to repost the job. It's disappointing but I'm basically OK with it - I was worried about what was going to happen with my school stuff and all that, and I have a backup plan (finish my certificate, get my ITIL certification, then start looking for work). Also won't have to deal with the long long drive (to make me feel better, there was bad rain this morning and I saw that my commute would have been well over an hour). She said I should tell people I turned her down due to the commute. she also told me that I should talk to my current boss about getting better experience and a better title.

The saga of the bedroom (and a job update)

(this is not a dirty post, despite how it might sound from the subject ;))

So since we were getting a new mattress, that required a bunch of other new purchases - mattress cover (in particular because certain things can void your warranty), new frame/base, new sheets and blankets, new headboard, etc (since we were going from a full size to a king size).

The mattress arrived earlier than promised, and we had gotten everything except our headboard (not counting the wrong-sized one I had ordered and had to return). It was supposed to arrive on Tuesday. I checked the tracking Tuesday morning and it was marked as on the truck for delivery. yay! Then I got home from work Tuesday evening, and there was no headboard. I checked the tracking and it had been scanned back in at the local hub. A few hours later it was scanned with a note that it would be delivered next business day. Wednesday around noon, I checked the tracking, and it had not been scanned at all. I decided to open a ticket for them to check on it. I waited and waited, and at 7pm I decided to call and ask wtf was going on. The person I talked to told me someone would call me back. I got a call back around 9pm from someone telling me that the facility was closed but they would check for it the next day. They asked me to describe the item because they said maybe the label fell off and they could look for it. OK fine.

Thursday I waited all day and heard nothing. Friday morning I was pissed. I called twice - once to ask if there was an update (they said they would have the person working on my ticket call back that day) and again to update my phone number. Everyone I talked to was polite and friendly, but no one can tell me jack (and I never got a call on Friday, either). I got fed up and contacted the place I got it through, and they are sending a new one (yay!). But I can't believe how bad this customer service is. And no one will tell me anything! I even updated my ticket telling them that I expected a response and they sent me a canned 'your request is being investigated' answer. Grrr. The replacement headboard should arrive on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, with the width of the new bed, our nightstands were too wide. We looked at several stores and didn't see any we liked, and I ended up ordering a pair online. I was nervous, as they were also supposed to be delivered by FedEx (two days after my headboard mysteriously disappeared), but they came. Aaaaand they were the wrong ones. There were two styles we were looking at. There was one Zen loved and one that I loved. After we looked at both and compared, Zen agreed to the one that I loved. So that's what we ordered. But what arrived was the one that Zen loved. Too much of a hassle to send them back, so I'll get over it, but man, that was just one more disappointment in a frustrating week.

Our mattress is very supportive, but not as squishy as I wanted. We got a 2" mattress topper yesterday and I'm very happy with how it feels, so now I think we're all good (except for the freaking headboard).

In job news, I had dinner with O&FB and some other folks on Thursday night. She said the problem now is that there will be some added scrutiny related to hiring me because of the whole having to cancel and re-post the job thing. When she hired the other guy that I used to work with, she was able to just interview and hire him. Now they will want to know why she didn't interview more people, if I was really the most qualified candidate, etc. The tricky part for me now is that my next set of classes is supposed to start this week. I haven't registered because 1. I think it would be too hard to try to learn stuff for school AND learn a new job at the same time and 2. I don't want to ask my current company to pay for my class if I'm planning on leaving in a couple weeks (I assume they would ask me to pay them back, and it's $3k). If she put off hiring someone for this position for, say, 2 months, I could finish my last class (though I am not happy to see that the format is a Saturday class from 8am - 4:30pm), and have my master's certificate, which might make me look like a better candidate on paper. So I'm going to give her a call tomorrow and talk to her about that. It's a bit frustrating, but at the end of the day, I still have a job so I'm not overly concerned about it. If it ends up not working out, I'll finish my certificate and start looking in a few months.

Other than that, things are good. I babysat for my niece and nephew on Friday (he was sick so we didn't do anything fun), and had a date day with Zen yesterday, which was lovely. We also had dinner at a place that had an Easter brunch option that I'm going to suggest to the family today since we haven't made any plans yet. Today has been a quiet and relaxing day.

Bed size

What size is your bed? Is it too big, too small, or just right? If you had to buy a new bed today, what size would you get?

Zen and I share a full/double size bed. Sometimes it's fine. Other times, when Zen's elbow is in my ear or his forearm is across my forehead, or when I come back from the bathroom and he's in full starfish position, it's way too freaking small. I am hoping/planning to replace our bed this year. A queen size bed is only 6 inches (15.24cm) wider than what we have now. A king is 23(!!!!) inches (58.42cm) wider. I like the idea of a king size bed, but it will take up a LOT of our little bedroom. Any thoughts?

For reference, this is our floor plan, we're in the 12 x 12 bedroom.Collapse )

Aunt of the year!

I took my niece to the library on Friday afternoon. We played in the kids section, looked at some books (she was hoping there would be a new one from the princess in black series, but we've read them all), I (sort of) taught her how to play checkers, and then I said she could play with the iPads that they have there. The plants vs zombies game was up on the screen, and she wanted to try to play it. At one point she said "what happens if they get in the house?" I said "they'll eat your brains." When we turned one of the zombies around and he ate the other zombies, she said "does it make the zombie cry when the other zombie eats his brains?" I said "no, he's already dead." At which point my brain finally said 'HEY, MAYBE NOT APPROPRIATE FOR A FOUR YEAR OLD!' So we played a couple of other games, including one about astronauts and one with basic coding. When we left she was hoping we could go somewhere else (she suggested her favorite ice cream place. Nice try, kid, you're about to go home and have dinner), but her mom was coming to pick her up about 20 minutes after we left, so we didn't really have time anyway.

When her mom came to pick her up we got her all packed up and ready to go, and then this conversation happened.

Niece: Mommy, we played the game where you have to knock the skeletons down to stop them from coming in the house and eating your brains.
Sister-in-Law: ....
Me: (inwardly: you couldn't have waited till you were in the car??) Ha ha, uh, yeah, we played plants versus zombies at the library.

So, aunt of the year, for sure.

air freshener

They put a new air freshener in the bathroom at work.

It smells like someone took 10 million Smarties, crushed them into a fine powder, and blasted them directly up your nose.

Quick funny Zen story

Ok, only funny cuz he wasn't injured.

Last night Zen dreamed he was escaping from something and jumped a fence - and fell out of bed, breaking the nightstand on his side. He got up, got back into bed, assured me he was fine, and was asleep again almost immediately.

Cancer sucks

Sad to say that the friend I mentioned who has been struggling with cancer passed away earlier this week. I'm glad I got to enjoy her wonderful friendship, and I am glad that the last time we saw each other, we enjoyed a nice lunch together, laughed and had fun. Last time I left her a message, I told her that I love her. So at least I have that.

Happy Monday :)

It's been lovely to have some time off over the past couple weeks, but tomorrow it's back to the office. We're working on doing some planning for our projects group, but I learned in our last meeting that both of the other people in the group hate doing documentation, which is, ya know, like 50% of project management. Evidently their current method is filling in the documentation months after the project is complete, when their boss asks them why it isn't updated yet. I'm feeling not at all confident about how this is going to go moving forward. We're also having our reviews in the next couple weeks, and I'm very curious to see how it's going to go, since my boss has flat out said he has no idea what I do (thanks, boss).

Poor Zen is still quite ill. I took him to Urgent Care yesterday, they did a chest x-ray and strep test, but everything came back negative. They told him to take ibuprofen to control the fever and drink lots of fluids. Now it's just waiting for the flu to improve. He got a note for work excusing him until Wednesday, but as of today, he still feels absolutely terrible, so I don't know what happens if he's still this miserable on Wednesday. He insisted on coming to the grocery store with me today because he wanted to make a taco salad and wanted to pick his ingredients, but by the time we were ready to check out, he asked if I would mind if he waited in the car because he was feeling so weak. He hasn't kissed me since Wednesday and last night in the middle of the night he got up and slept on the couch. When I asked him why, he said he was afraid his coughing would wake me up and he didn't want to disturb my sleep. OK, well only one of us has the flu, maybe that person who needs better rest? I kept calling him to come back to bed, but I was too exhausted to get my eyes open and go out there and drag him back to bed (though I did get him there eventually). tbh, I'm a little amazed I've managed to not get sick (so far anyway). With my asthma, it could be really bad.

I've been enjoying relaxing and reading, I am determined to meet my 60 book reading goal for this year. I'm back in school starting a week from today, so I'm going to try to especially enjoy this week :) And as bad as it is that Zen is sick, I'm glad we've had a little extra time to be together the last few days. I was surprised at how much I missed him on that first shift when he was gone all evening and didn't get home til after 11pm. I know I'll get used to it, but it'll be an adjustment.

The water aerobics schedule should be back to normal this week. Last week I was one of two people who came on Tuesday, and one of three (the other two were a mother/son pair) on Thursday. In both cases, the others were happy to see me, it's always a little awkward being the only one. Typically the gym gets extra busy around now, hopefully it'll be OK. I don't begrudge anyone who wants to give the gym a shot, it's just a pain not being able to find a parking lot if I'm running late, especially this time of year when it's usually cold and snowy/icy.

I'm not making any resolutions, but I do want to do better this year - make better choices, be a better friend/partner/family member/employee, focus more on the positive stuff. I do think I need to find a way to write this out in a much more specific way, because otherwise it's too murky and too easy to talk myself out of it. Maybe I'll plan to write up something every week with what I did this week that falls into the "better" category.

I'd also like to get/make a new icon or two. I like my little fishy, but I'd like something different. I just don't know what yet.

Hope everyones 2017 has been good so far!

Just a little post-holiday update

We spent Christmas Eve with Zen's family and the day after Christmas with my family. I spent Christmas day wrapping and putting together a toy I got for my nephew, then I went to my folks house and made baked ziti and mashed potatoes as our vegetarian options for our dinner (my sister is a vegetarian). Zen went to his mom's for his yearly 15 minutes with his kids. Things went well with Zen's family. They are a little more "tease"-y than I like - it always seems on the verge of mean-spirited, especially from his brother-in-law (who also enjoys pissing off the cat). My family gathering went well except that my sister bailed at the last minute, and didn't even tell us she was bailing. She just didn't show up, and when my brother texted to ask if she was coming, she said she had previous plans with friends who were in from out of town (I mostly know who her friends are, and I'm not sure who this would be). Also not sure why she made plans in the first place since we had planned a while ago to get together the day after. I am hopeful that she really did have a thing to do and wasn't just bailing because Zen was going to be there.

This morning was one of *those* mornings. I decided I wanted a toasted bagel. I put it in the toaster, went to do some stuff, came back and it was charred. I adjusted the level, put another bagel in, and went to do some stuff. I popped it up early and it wasn't done, so I pushed it back down again. When I popped it up again? Charred. The third one I kept an eye on and STILL I almost burned it.

Then I had to go put air in my tire, because the nag light was on in my car. I went to get gas, and then drove over to their air machine... which was out of order. Went to another place, theirs was out of order too. Went to a third place, they didn't HAVE an air machine. Went to a fourth place and they had one that appeared to be functional, but it was placed right next to a parking space - which was occupied. So I had to wait for the person to come back and leave so I could park there and get air. What should have taken 2 minutes took more than 20, but fortunately the traffic on the highway was light so I wasn't *too* late for work.

Fortunately the rest of the day has been fine. I ordered pizza, so hopefully all will go well with that. :) LJ comments, like everyone else's apparently, are REALLY slow, so I'm going to try to get caught up. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, whatever you did!

Work stuff and holiday stuff

Zen said he thinks his interview went well yesterday. The place is hiring for two positions, so hopefully this will work out for him. I know he'll be great once he finds a place, it's just the waiting that makes it hard. They didn't tell him when they plan on making their decision, but hopefully it's soon. Edited to add He just called to tell me that they offered him the job!!! He goes in to do paperwork on Friday and officially starts working on the 12th!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!

Had a meeting this morning at work, and brought in a large cup that I had just filled with ice and water. Halfway through the meeting while talking, I gestured and knocked it over, spilling half the water and ice across the table (it has a snap-on lid, but it popped off). I moved the cup off to the side, and as I was cleaning it up (with help from a couple other people in the meeting), I knocked it over AGAIN on top of my phone and spilled the rest. Fortunately no electronics were injured, only my pride. I would say not a great start to the day, but actually my day started out with me sleeping through my alarm and waking up 20 minutes after I was supposed to be at work. Yeah, I think this is a 'should have just stayed in bed' day. :)

I've been meeting and discussing with our IT director at work and the current plan is that I am going to write up a recommendation for creating a Project Management Organization at work that I will head up. He said our mutual boss thinks it's a good idea too so this could be good. He also wants to start a Change Advisory Board that he wants me to head up, but wants me to get ITIL certified first. He gave me a book to read and study, but I'm in my last week and a half of classes so I'm going to wait until I'm done with that. It could mean a lot more interesting stuff for me to do at work next year.

I was talking with a colleague about Santa and belief in Santa. She said her son was starting to doubt last year, especially when something he asked Santa for that had a very particular shape came to the house in a box that made it clear what it was. She enlisted her sister to out of the blue tell him about how sometimes with certain items, Santa has to send it to your house in advance because it doesn't fit well in his sleigh, all to get him to keep believing. My mom told me the truth when I asked her about it. I'm sure I probably heard about it on the school bus or something, in first or second grade (at my school, the bus carried all kids from 1st through 8th grade). After she acknowledged it, I sat there for a minute and then said "so I guess that means no easter bunny or tooth fairy either." She enlisted me to keep it a secret from my younger siblings, and put me on duty to keep an eye on them to make sure they didn't come down when mom and dad were wrapping presents or assembling something or putting out the toys on Christmas Eve. They had me wrapping presents in another year or two. Today, Christmas is without question my least favorite holiday, not sure how much that stuff did or didn't contribute to that. When did you learn/figure out that Santa wasn't real? Do you love Christmas (or whatever winter holiday you might celebrate)?