blood is the price of glory (sleepybadger) wrote,
blood is the price of glory

Aunt of the year!

I took my niece to the library on Friday afternoon. We played in the kids section, looked at some books (she was hoping there would be a new one from the princess in black series, but we've read them all), I (sort of) taught her how to play checkers, and then I said she could play with the iPads that they have there. The plants vs zombies game was up on the screen, and she wanted to try to play it. At one point she said "what happens if they get in the house?" I said "they'll eat your brains." When we turned one of the zombies around and he ate the other zombies, she said "does it make the zombie cry when the other zombie eats his brains?" I said "no, he's already dead." At which point my brain finally said 'HEY, MAYBE NOT APPROPRIATE FOR A FOUR YEAR OLD!' So we played a couple of other games, including one about astronauts and one with basic coding. When we left she was hoping we could go somewhere else (she suggested her favorite ice cream place. Nice try, kid, you're about to go home and have dinner), but her mom was coming to pick her up about 20 minutes after we left, so we didn't really have time anyway.

When her mom came to pick her up we got her all packed up and ready to go, and then this conversation happened.

Niece: Mommy, we played the game where you have to knock the skeletons down to stop them from coming in the house and eating your brains.
Sister-in-Law: ....
Me: (inwardly: you couldn't have waited till you were in the car??) Ha ha, uh, yeah, we played plants versus zombies at the library.

So, aunt of the year, for sure.

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