blood is the price of glory (sleepybadger) wrote,
blood is the price of glory

Bed size

What size is your bed? Is it too big, too small, or just right? If you had to buy a new bed today, what size would you get?

Zen and I share a full/double size bed. Sometimes it's fine. Other times, when Zen's elbow is in my ear or his forearm is across my forehead, or when I come back from the bathroom and he's in full starfish position, it's way too freaking small. I am hoping/planning to replace our bed this year. A queen size bed is only 6 inches (15.24cm) wider than what we have now. A king is 23(!!!!) inches (58.42cm) wider. I like the idea of a king size bed, but it will take up a LOT of our little bedroom. Any thoughts?

For reference, this is our floor plan, we're in the 12 x 12 bedroom.

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