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blood is the price of glory

The saga of the bedroom (and a job update)

(this is not a dirty post, despite how it might sound from the subject ;))

So since we were getting a new mattress, that required a bunch of other new purchases - mattress cover (in particular because certain things can void your warranty), new frame/base, new sheets and blankets, new headboard, etc (since we were going from a full size to a king size).

The mattress arrived earlier than promised, and we had gotten everything except our headboard (not counting the wrong-sized one I had ordered and had to return). It was supposed to arrive on Tuesday. I checked the tracking Tuesday morning and it was marked as on the truck for delivery. yay! Then I got home from work Tuesday evening, and there was no headboard. I checked the tracking and it had been scanned back in at the local hub. A few hours later it was scanned with a note that it would be delivered next business day. Wednesday around noon, I checked the tracking, and it had not been scanned at all. I decided to open a ticket for them to check on it. I waited and waited, and at 7pm I decided to call and ask wtf was going on. The person I talked to told me someone would call me back. I got a call back around 9pm from someone telling me that the facility was closed but they would check for it the next day. They asked me to describe the item because they said maybe the label fell off and they could look for it. OK fine.

Thursday I waited all day and heard nothing. Friday morning I was pissed. I called twice - once to ask if there was an update (they said they would have the person working on my ticket call back that day) and again to update my phone number. Everyone I talked to was polite and friendly, but no one can tell me jack (and I never got a call on Friday, either). I got fed up and contacted the place I got it through, and they are sending a new one (yay!). But I can't believe how bad this customer service is. And no one will tell me anything! I even updated my ticket telling them that I expected a response and they sent me a canned 'your request is being investigated' answer. Grrr. The replacement headboard should arrive on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, with the width of the new bed, our nightstands were too wide. We looked at several stores and didn't see any we liked, and I ended up ordering a pair online. I was nervous, as they were also supposed to be delivered by FedEx (two days after my headboard mysteriously disappeared), but they came. Aaaaand they were the wrong ones. There were two styles we were looking at. There was one Zen loved and one that I loved. After we looked at both and compared, Zen agreed to the one that I loved. So that's what we ordered. But what arrived was the one that Zen loved. Too much of a hassle to send them back, so I'll get over it, but man, that was just one more disappointment in a frustrating week.

Our mattress is very supportive, but not as squishy as I wanted. We got a 2" mattress topper yesterday and I'm very happy with how it feels, so now I think we're all good (except for the freaking headboard).

In job news, I had dinner with O&FB and some other folks on Thursday night. She said the problem now is that there will be some added scrutiny related to hiring me because of the whole having to cancel and re-post the job thing. When she hired the other guy that I used to work with, she was able to just interview and hire him. Now they will want to know why she didn't interview more people, if I was really the most qualified candidate, etc. The tricky part for me now is that my next set of classes is supposed to start this week. I haven't registered because 1. I think it would be too hard to try to learn stuff for school AND learn a new job at the same time and 2. I don't want to ask my current company to pay for my class if I'm planning on leaving in a couple weeks (I assume they would ask me to pay them back, and it's $3k). If she put off hiring someone for this position for, say, 2 months, I could finish my last class (though I am not happy to see that the format is a Saturday class from 8am - 4:30pm), and have my master's certificate, which might make me look like a better candidate on paper. So I'm going to give her a call tomorrow and talk to her about that. It's a bit frustrating, but at the end of the day, I still have a job so I'm not overly concerned about it. If it ends up not working out, I'll finish my certificate and start looking in a few months.

Other than that, things are good. I babysat for my niece and nephew on Friday (he was sick so we didn't do anything fun), and had a date day with Zen yesterday, which was lovely. We also had dinner at a place that had an Easter brunch option that I'm going to suggest to the family today since we haven't made any plans yet. Today has been a quiet and relaxing day.

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