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2 quick things

I do have a dreamwidth account, I am sleepybadger over there too. If you haven't already added me, please feel free.

I spoke to O&FB this morning. It's sounding like the job is not going to happen after all. Apparently the HR person is concerned that he's going to get in trouble if he reposts a job that had legitimate candidates, so she has to interview the folks that met the screening, and only if all of them are terrible will she be allowed to repost the job. It's disappointing but I'm basically OK with it - I was worried about what was going to happen with my school stuff and all that, and I have a backup plan (finish my certificate, get my ITIL certification, then start looking for work). Also won't have to deal with the long long drive (to make me feel better, there was bad rain this morning and I saw that my commute would have been well over an hour). She said I should tell people I turned her down due to the commute. she also told me that I should talk to my current boss about getting better experience and a better title.

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