blood is the price of glory (sleepybadger) wrote,
blood is the price of glory

I will never learn

Some mornings when I'm getting ready for work, I come across an article of clothing - a shirt, a dress, a pair of underwear, whatever. And I think "hey, I haven't worn this in *forever*! I'm totally wearing this today!"

Typically about an hour after I get to work, as said article of clothing is riding up/gapping open/falling down/some unfortunate combination of the above, I think "oh right. THIS is why I haven't worn it in forever."

For some reason, when I get home I don't immediately say "fuck this, I'm donating this/repurposing this/throwing this damn thing away". And so it gets washed and put away and at some point months later... "hey, I haven't worn this in *forever*!"

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